welcome to Agriforest, your premier source for the commercialization of amazonian chestnuts. Located in Lima, Perú, we are dedicated to providing high-quality products and exceptional service to our customers. We look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations. Thank you for choosing us as your trusted supplier.

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Our history at Agrícolas y Forestales S.A.C. It is much more than a business story; It is a journey of determination, improvement and dedication that has forged our path over more than four decades. We want to share this story, not only as a recount of achievements, but as an inspiration for all those seeking to fulfill their dreams.

From our humble beginnings, we have faced challenges and adversity with courage and perseverance. What was once a family business in Puerto Maldonado has become a successful Peruvian company, with two modern production plants in Puerto Maldonado and Lima, specialized in the processing of chestnuts. Our commitment to quality and food safety has allowed us to bring high-quality Peruvian products to markets around the world.

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Amazonian chestnuts are typically harvested in rainforest areas where chestnut trees grow.

Pickers collect the nuts from the ground, where they fall naturally, or manually extract them from their shells.

After harvesting, the nuts are transported to processing facilities in suitable vehicles to maintain their integrity.

At the facilities, the nuts are temporarily stored under controlled temperature and humidity conditions to prevent contamination and spoilage.

Amazonian chestnuts undergo a drying process to reduce their moisture content and extend their shelf life.

This process can be carried out in industrial dryers or through natural methods such as sun exposure.

After drying, the nuts may undergo a resting period to allow them to stabilize before the next processing phase.

The nuts are sorted according to size, color, and quality.

Damaged or defective nuts are removed to ensure the quality of the final product.

Sorted nuts are packed into bags or containers suitable for transportation and storage.

Labels with nutritional information, origin, and packaging date may be added.

Before final weighing and packaging, the nuts undergo a final visual inspection to ensure they meet established quality standards.

Depending on the different qualities and to guarantee the conservation of the nuts, vacuum packaging is produced in polyethylene bags, which are packed in cardboard boxes, and weigh 20 kg or 44 pounds, which pass through a metal identifier, and for a lastrigoro. quality control, being ready for export from Peru to the world.

Packaged products are stored in warehouses or storage facilities under controlled conditions to maintain quality until dispatch.

Once products are ready, they are dispatched to distributors, retailers, or directly to consumers, depending on the established distribution channel.

Adequate transportation is used to ensure that the nuts reach their final destination in optimum condition anywhere in the world.

Amazonian chestnut qualities

Extra Large - Large - Medium - Small -Midget

Description: Healthy whole nuts, suitable for human consumption, totally impeccable after conditioning and packaging.

Flavor: Characteristic almond flavor of the product.

Smell: Pleasant and characteristic smell of Amazonian nuts.

Color: Bicolor (brown/ivory) characteristic with cuticle and without cuticle.

General appearance and texture: Natural to fresh Amazon, with a smooth and clean surface, as well as a rigid and compact (crunchy) consistency.


Physical Description: Shelled nuts, of any size that in the conditioning process had some slight physical damage (chipping inthe process). 

Natural Broken

Physical Description: Pieces of nut (unshelled nuts) that in the conditioning process had someslight physical damage

Chopped Broken

Physical Description: Pieces of nut (unshelled nuts), cut and/ortrimmed.